Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog.  Many of you are probably thinking "What happened to The Gaulinosocopy?" And by many, I mean maybe three of you are wondering this.  I was going to keep the name, because honestly it still makes me laugh.  But with our move to Vancouver I thought we should start fresh and I quite like this new name too!  Many of you were also asking us "How will we keep up with you when you move?" And this too is slightly exaggerated.  But if you were wondering and you do want to follow along, this is the place.  It's going to be all about this beautiful new city we live in, the amazing friends we are making along the way and random stuff thrown in because I can do that sort of thing.

I hope you enjoy our journey.

From Vancouver with love,

Lisamarie & Kyle
(Cody & Maggie too!)

*I never claimed to be a writer so please, unless you are one of my many talented writer friends, do not call me out on all of my grammatical errors.

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