Saturday, July 27, 2013

My How Time Flies...

My poor little blog has been neglected and I'm sorry.  I started working again and just haven't had time to update - this is a totally lame excuse btw. I am working at an advertising agency here in Vancouver. I do love the ad life; the creative people, the creative process and making shit happen. I've always loved working on a campaign from the beginning, going through the trenches with the team and seeing all the hard work come to life.  My super talented Husband has been working his ass off too and it has paid off - again. He has been promoted to Cinematic's Director.  He was in Malaysia for work and I thought for sure I'd get a call saying he decided to go surf in Bali!  We moved up here for him to take this job and to see so much success come his way is amazing.  He deserves every bit of this and I am so proud of him!

Vancouver comes alive in the summer!  It seems like every weekend there is some sort of festival happening. The fireworks shows on the beach have started and go all month long in August! We've have had 35 days of straight sunshine and I guess that's pretty damn good for Vancouver.  We've been hiking a bunch, going to festivals and hanging out at the beach.  Next weekend is a long weekend and we're heading to Tofino with friends to camp on the beach. Tofino is town on Vancouver Island and it's supposed to be amazing!  We've wanted to go for a long time so we're really excited for the trip.

We've had some friends visit us which has been really nice!  I've also been lucky enough to see a few people from my old ad agency back home as they come here to shoot some of the Lexus spots.  We're planning a trip back home in October to go to my annual Italian Family Picnic!  I do miss home - my family, my nephew and all of my friends, we'll try and see everyone and Do All The Things!  Speaking of friends, I have been so lucky to have met such a great group of people here.  Of course they're Burners, only in that community can you have a friend of a friend intro you on FB and have those people reach out to you and start inviting you to do things with them! Over the past couple of years I  have made a conscious effort to cut ties with people in my life that had negative energy.  It's beautiful to fill your life and time with amazing people and I can say that the friends I have met here are going to be in my life forever.

Our dogs, Cody and Maggie are doing great!  They love it here and really what's not to love?  We hike and go to the beach nearly every weekend.  They're in heaven.  Cody is getting up there though.  He has definitely slowed down and has trouble keeping up with Maggie (aka Simple Dog).  I always take Cody on special little adventures where he can be as slow as he wants and not be trampled by Simple Dog.  Just the other day I was walking to the store and I kid you not, I was stopped by five people that wanted to pet him. He even has a little girl, Charlie who is five that has become his best friend.  Every time we go on a walk, we pass her house and if she's outside he get's really excited and runs up to her.  He'll sit with her all day.  Our neighbor's have a little girl too, she is one and just started walking.  He will lay down and just let her crawl all over him.  He is going to be so good when we have our own little ones!  He is my sweet, sweet boy! Maggie keeps me active, she is so much fun to take hiking and swimming at the beach.  She's got quite a personality on her and everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves her.

I'll leave you with some photos and I will be sure to update after our trip to Tofino!  Tip for mom, (again), click on images to bring up larger photo...

Kyle's trip to Malaysia - The Petronas Towers. 
With fancy titles comes fancy accommodations.-The Ritz-Carlton.
Batu Caves, Malaysia  

The Chef - Squamish. If you want to do 4000 simulated stairs, this is the place.

The Chef - Squamish.
Lynn Loop - The North Shore.

A Man and his dog ...

Do you spot Kyle?

Spanish Banks at low tide.  Maggie on my left running like a maniac, Cody going to check out a pack of buds.

Maggie is on fire...

She proceeded to roll in this, guaranteeing herself a bath.

Don't you just love him?!
Mitch & Me. She is the absolute best.

My brother is fully responsible for this one and I couldn't be happier!  Ladies and gentleman, this is Trouble!
Just a typical night for us really...

This is Jen, we were neighbor's in Laguna Beach.  She moved to Portland five years ago and we got to see her and her wonderful husband and baby while they were here visiting.  We still laugh at the most ridiculous things. "Pea hot right now".
Kyle is happy to have some guy time.  We love'd having you Eric!

I love seeing my old T1 crew!
Us out and about at the Kits Festival

This picture has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that I make the most awesome chocolate chip cookies ever. Recipe can be found on my Pinterest page .  You should totally follow me because I pin awesome shit.

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