Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vancouver, Seven Months Later.

I couldn't think of a better title, remember when I said I wasn't a writer? Anyway, we've been here for seven months and here's a bit of a recap as well as my observations so far...

You can go to any number of grocery stores for your shopping needs and of course we have tons of farmer's markets and local produce stands for fresh veggies but the government says we have to buy our alcohol here

or here, but it will cost you more.

And you always have this with you

This is Caesar country and Bloody Mary's are the devil

I love walking through my neighborhood, which I now spell neighbourhood

to get to this, which I take nearly everyday

and this has never happen to me, thank god.

We got rid of this, because we didn't need two of them.

When you live here

you complain about going here

because you'll have to cross this to get there.

This is how we picked where we wanted to live, we asked ourselves do we want to look at this

or this everyday

We chose the mountain views.

In the winter you can ride here


or here

and it'll only take you 40 minutes from the city.

At night this is your view

or this.

And this AMAZING place

is less than two hours away.

I have become quite involved with the yoga community and volunteer twice a week.

One of the locations I volunteer at has this view

And I think I look like this when I am practicing

I hear that when it rains (which is a lot) you really don't use one of these

So I guess Kyle and I will just walk around like this

This rainy season I will live in these

and my dogs will live in these

And I totally expect that this is what our Christmas is going to look like.

And this is Maggie, wishing you a Happy First Day of Fall!


Mrs. G

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekends Stateside

Not too much is going on over here in Vancouver.  Kyle is working away, being very important.  He is heading to Tofino next weekend to go on a surf trip with his work crew!  I have decided that it is officially fall and tried to put out decorations this weekend.  Kyle put a stop to that but as I just mentioned, he'll be in Tofino next weekend so I'll be sure to have the house decked out for his return home!  I am counting the days until we head home next month!  It'll be 8 months since I have seen my family and most of my friends so I can't wait.  I miss my nephew the most and the weekend Facetime chats are just not cutting it.

Last weekend I did however get out of town to see one of my best girlfriends who was up from LA, staying at her family lake house in Washington. I packed my bags, grabbed Maggie and we headed on a mini road trip for a weekend with the girls!

Mapquest said it would only take three hours, but what mapquest didn't account for was the border traffic, me pulling over three times to see if Maggie would like to sit in the front seat, then the back seat, then the back seat with the seats pulled down making her an extra big bed.  You see, where I love road trips, Maggie hates them.  I have never had a dog who is scared of being in the car. I love a solo road trip because I can make as many stops as I like.  See that little kiosk on the side of the road selling crap, I'm going to stop there.  Beef jerky on the side of the road, I think I'll pull over and buy some.  Need another coffee or water or magnet for my fridge?  I'll pull right over and go to the gas station/rest stop/restaurant. And let's not forget that this is where I can sign my heart out. I swear in a past life I was a breakdancing singer that went to a performing arts school. But I digress, as usual.

Five hours later (damn border traffic and beef jerky kiosk),  I found myself at Puget Lake at my friends house that is right on the water.  To say it had a stunning view is a major understatement. I was in heaven. Any stress from everyday life just melted away. This house is very special to my friend, it was so nice seeing where she spent her summers and holidays growing up. We had such a great weekend and I cannot wait to go back to this magical place.

~Mrs. G

Heather relaxing on the deck.


A girl and her dog.
Amy and I discussing the route for our race.

Maggie wanted in on the race.
She did not help me paddle the boat.

Taking in the view.


She knows who to suck up to.