Monday, November 24, 2014

Life At 26 Weeks.

First off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone for sending me your funny comments with regards to my last post: Can I Please Block You In Real Life.  I will do a part two (much like the "Your Pins Are Hurting My Eyes" series) and will include all the things that have been said to you while pregnant! And yes, I am 100% certain people have unfollowed me, especially on Instagram where I post tons dog pix and now belly pix. Oh well, their loss! Speaking of that last post, I was just told the other day that I looked as if I were ready to pop any day now. Thanks a$$hole, I still have 3 months to go. Ahhh life as a short preggo!

In Baby G news, I am 26 weeks and feeling great. I do have to say that sleep is getting harder and harder for me though.  We bought that ridiculous long c-shaped pillow to help with sleeping and Kyle hates it!  It has been helping although I laugh every time I get into bed and try and position it just right.

We went back home for the week to celebrate Baby G with my friends and family and I had the best time.  I really miss home. Let's be honest, Southern California really is one of the best places to live. With that being said, Vancouver is a beautiful city and I am beyond thankful my husband was given such an amazing opportunity here.  And let me tell you, he is thriving. I have never seen him so happy with what he is doing and who is surrounded by at work.  One day we'll be back home and it will seem like no time has passed, but I know to take advantage of all the awesome things this city and country has to offer.

Kyle and I also celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on 11/12.  He made us reservations at one of my favorite restaurants, but I was too tired to go out so it was a stay in and order Chinese and dim-sum kinda night.  We did make it to Fleetwood Mac the other night though!  Kyle got us floor seats a while ago and it was epic. They played for three straight hours and had two encores. It really was one of the best shows I have seen.  Christine McVie is also back with the band after something like 19 years so it made it that much more special.

Lastly, my old man Cody turned 13 years old.  He has been the best, sweetest, most patient dog I have ever owned. He has a hard time getting around these days but we have him on some good meds that really help. He's famous on our street and all the kids love him.  Every time they see him, they want to take the leash and walk him around or just sit with him on the sidewalk and pet him until he rolls on his back.  I am so thankful he will at least have a couple of years with our little girl and cannot imagine him not being around. Hug your pups close and give them a big 'ol kiss - they truly are our best friends.

And as always, here is what me and Baby G rocked out to on our mini-road trip to Washington a couple of weeks back:
  • The Mutaytor - Family Business (If you know, then you know).
  • The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
  • Book Of Love - Boy
  • Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Bob Dylan (OK, this isn't a dancy tune at all, but I will never skip a Bob Dylan song).
  • Goodbye To You - Scandal
  • I Was A Teenage Anarchist - Against Me (Again, not dancy but it's a damn good song).
  • Jay Z- On The Run (feat Beyonce)
  • Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out 
  • Prince - I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
  • Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (One of my favorite songs of all time).
  • Uncertain Smile - The The (I reallllllllly love 80's music as you can tell.  This is another favorite of all time.  The piano solo is everything.)
Here are my favorite shots from the past few weeks:
The friendship between my brothers and Kyle is pretty awesome.  Here's Scotty and Kyle with little Lukie.  He loves his Uncle Ky Ky.

Like Father, Like Daughter. Always.

She got some much needed beach time.

I still remember the first IN-N-OUT that went up in our neighborhood. I could have had this everyday.

Two of my best friends, my love, Pops and Anna!  

I am so blessed to have these friends.

My best friend and "Patna".

I have so much love for these girls.  Thank you for a beautiful shower!

My beautiful mom. To say she is excited is a huge understatement. 

My cousin Kelly.  I was so happy to see her.

My cousin Kristina-my rock these past two years.

It really doesn't get much better than this family right here.

Yes, we have little birthday parties for our dogs.
Fleetwood Mac selfie shot.

And since we just celebrated our three year, here's a flashback of my favorite candid shots from our wedding.
I love these because I remember what was happening in each shot:
1. The funniest toast during dinner from the Best Man.
2. Stealing a kiss right after we walked down the isle and all the madness started. Kyle just said. "Holy shit, we did it! I love you."
3. The end of the night just taking a second to breathe.
4. My dad giving the best father-of-the bride toast ever.  He had everyone in tears and laughing at the same time.  This was the moment he dedicated to my step-mom, grandmother and Kyle's brother all who were watching the day from above. I had a lump in my throat and Kyle had tears in his eyes, it was such a special moment. He has always had a way with words and commanding a room full of people.

Mrs. G

Monday, November 3, 2014

Can I Please Block You In Real Life?

Social media let's you weed out all sorts of people you no longer want to be "connected" with.  Have a FB stalker?  Block 'em. Someone posting too many kitten videos or making too many religious/political comments? Unfollow that person. No longer "friends?" One click and they're out.

I've happily done all three of these but what happens when you encounter some of these people in real life? Since becoming pregnant I have encountered my share of people (all strangers BTW), who feel the need to comment on my pregnancy. Family and friends I understand and will happily talk to, but the lady in line at Whole Foods, I cannot. The following are the things that have been said to me in my 6 months of being pregnant:

1. "You're not finding out the sex?  How will you be prepared?" - Because we don't believe in all things pink or blue. That's how.

2. "You're finding out the sex?  Why?  It's the only surprise you will ever have in your life" - I'm surprised that I'm still standing here listening to your rant and utter disappointment in the fact that we are making this decision about our baby.

3. "You're planning on breastfeeding right? You know it's best for the baby." - Yes, I am also aware that if shit goes south and I am not able to for whatever reason this does not make me any less of a loving mother and the baby will not grow up to become an axe murderer because they had a bottle or formula early on.

4. "You are going for a natural birth right?"  Yes, I will try and think of you when creating my birth plan that I already know can all go to shit in a matter of seconds.

5. "You know ________ is bad for the baby?" I am apparently a horrible mother because I am not abstaining from everything on the planet.

6. "I bet you can't wait to get your roots done after the baby is born right?"  I had to laugh, because I pay good money for these "roots".

7. The very few people that I told our names to who insisted they wouldn't comment or judge:
"I know a dog that name."
"That name is overdone."
"Oh, that's interesting."

Oh and last but not least. The baby is moving a ton!  I have an anterior placenta so basically her movements have been cushioned so I've not been able to feel her as much.  This week has been AMAZING and I've been smiling from ear to ear with every move I feel.  There are days when I feel as big as a house, but mostly I have never felt so beautiful in my life.

Here's what is getting her grooving this week:
The Temper Trap - Fader
Nas - Bye Baby
Tube & Berger - Set It Off
The Doors vs The Crystal Method - Roadhouse Blues
The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ
C2C - Down The Road
Robyn - Dancing On My Own -(about 5 times) 
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
Cyndi Lauper - When You Were Mine

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

The Bump does Halloween: I came in like a..........

We had a little party so naturally the Bump and I needed two costumes.

I get to see these ladies and many more of the best girlfriends on the planet this weekend at my shower...

...and the ladies of this amazing, crazy Italian family I have seen here telling us what they think of Kyle and me missing the annual Italian Family picnic last month. Family. Is. Everything.

~Mrs. G

Friday, October 24, 2014

Twenty-Two Weeks Later.

Life in the second trimester is pretty good. Cravings are still carbs and sweets although I am getting better at eating vegetables and making smoothies with lots of greens. I love my growing belly and love mornings with Kyle when he talks to her and nights when he kisses her goodnight.  I don't want to chop people's heads off as much which is a really good thing, although Kyle may say I am still a bit on the emotional/crazy side.

Now that we know we're having a girl (yay!) Kyle and I are going back and forth on names.  We were locked and loaded on a boy name, but can't really decide on what we both like for a girl's name. We have a few in the vault and we'll just have to see what fits her best when we met her. I can only say that her middle name will be Rose, this has a very special meaning to me and is in relation to both my grandmother and great-grandmother. (This may be the only "traditional" part of her name).

We officially started this "nesting" thing.  I've given Kyle a room a month to work on and we (he) just finished the living room. I'm trying to get little things done around the house, like a new photo gallery project in our stairway and organizing cards from my showers and weddings into cute little books.  It's stuff I know I will never get done when the baby comes and yes I know it's three years later on the wedding stuff but better late than never. Plus I plan on doing it with baby shower cards and all cards my little one will receive so I may as well learn how to make them now.

Things are pretty quiet otherwise.  I'm working on a post that I will hopefully get up very soon that talks about all the things people have already said or done in my five months of being pregnant. Like the complete stranger who asked me if I was planning on breastfeeding and having a natural birth (um hello that's a personal question, lady in line at Whole Foods) and the lady who rubbed my belly without asking. Awesome.

Lastly, I head home in just two weeks to celebrate Baby G with my friends on Saturday and family on Sunday!  I'm lucky and beyond thankful to have so many people in my life that want to be a part of this special day and cannot wait to see everyone. It's going to be a whirlwind with two showers back to back and I am looking forward to every minute of it.

Here are some shots of our last few weeks.

I have to share with you a photo of Baby G's first gift!  I registered for these swaddle blankets from mbaby and I must tell you how beautiful they are in person.  They have loops so you can attached to the stroller, you can also use as a nursing cover.  They have extra paneling in the front to keep baby warm too!  I love love love these.  

The Bump goes to Chilliwack Farms.  I love picking pumpkins right from their stalks in the ground.  This place has so many varieties of pumpkins to choose from. Next year we'll have our little girl with us!

The Hubbs.

Our picks!

Phase one of Halloween at The Gaulins, where we are expected to get over 250 kids!

My fur babies.
Craving Of The Week: pumpkin ice cream.
We have so many local ice cream and gelato shops here in Vancouver. Always shop local, it's so worth it.

What We're Rocking Out To: aka my super random playlist.
Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata
Fitz And The Tantrums - 6 am 
Toussaint Morrison - Baby I'm Bad Weather
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
The The - Uncertain Smile
The Police - So Lonely
Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter
The Roots - The Seed
Regina Spector - Us
New Edition - A Little Bit Of Love

Baby girl can hear us now and I love to play music for her.  Her and I have little dance parties and I am always blasting music in my car (well, in between listening to Howard Stern which I know I am going to have to stop when she is in the car and is old enough to understand what he's saying).  Kyle is also learning how to play guitar (swooooooooon) so he can play to her too.

~Mrs. G

Monday, October 6, 2014

Daddy, Get Yer Shotgun Ready.

We're having a girl!

First off I have to say that I am beyond thankful that we have a healthy baby.  That scan scared the shit out of me and I really don't know when I have been that nervous.  I really didn't care what the gender was as we were sitting there with the dead serious tech revealing nothing. All I wanted to know was that we had a healthy peanut growing with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

But let's not kid ourselves — when the Dr. told us we were having a girl, I screamed!  Kyle and I just cried and held each other, I'll never forget that moment.  

Truth be told, I knew long ago when we started trying that I was always meant to have a girl.  

Let me just say what a great father Kyle is going to be to our little girl.  He takes such good care of me - I know this little girl is going to be so loved, so protected and yes so spoiled. I cannot wait to teach our little one to snowboard and Kyle will of course have her surfing in no time.

I am so excited to head home next month and celebrate Baby Gaulin all weekend long with my friends and family.  The love and support they have given us has been amazing.  

Feeling elated, blessed, excited, and most of all in love...

~Mrs. G

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boozy Brunches For All Things Baby.

Bump Watch 2014 in full effect.

These days are filled with endless questions to all of my mommy friends on what their must-haves have been during their most recent pregnancies. What do they love as far as strollers // car seats // cribs // bassinets go?

A couple of my friends just had their second babies and it's a baby boom out there with friends expecting their firsts in Dec/Jan/Feb!  I am loving being surrounded by so many preggo mamas - all the help and support we are all giving each other is amazing.

I have become a research fend and have done so much reading //comparing // fact-checking // pricing that I feel I can open up my own baby store at this point.  There is still so much to sort out and learn, but I am starting to figure shit out as I go along and things aren't so foreign to me anymore. And Pinterest, let's not even get started on the baby boards I have created.  Feel free to check them out here.

What I wasn't prepared for was how involved and opinionated Kyle was going to be. The first day of stroller and car-seat shopping left me in a complete overwhelmed fog.  But by the end of day two we knew what what wanted and what we didn't want.  And Kyle made the call. Funny thing is, most of my friends also said their Husbands took over when it came to the strollers.

Our conversations pretty much went like this:
Me: They Stokke is one of the best strollers out there.
Kyle: It looks like a golf bag carrier and there's no way I am pushing that thing around.
Me: I also hear great things about the Uppababy and the Bugaboo.
Kyle: Is that them? (test drives) I don't like four-wheels and it doesn't feel sturdy.
Me: The BOB, most of my friends all use the BOB stroller?
Kyle: It looks like camping gear on wheels.

Well, I can tell you that we picked one and we both absolutely love it!  And I agree three wheels are way better than four (for us anyway). We are making our way through the stores and having a blast doing it.  I love that Kyle looks forward to shopping and registering for our little peanut and asks if this weekend is "crib weekend". Dear lord help me because I am loving this crib from Oeuff and naturally this one from Kalon Studios. I know that last one is stupid expensive- it's more of my dream crib, but as Kyle says, if it lasts for up to four years, it makes sense.  Oh, do I love him :) P.S. This is our first so going overboard is totally justifiable right? I should add that I am scouring Craigslist for dressers because I want something unique so it's not like I am trying to go all Beyonce with the nursery.

Other baby products I have fallen in love with is anything Aden + Anais.  My friend's turned me onto this company and for good reason, they make great stuff.

In other pregnancy news, I am feeling pretty good aside from a few massive headaches. I feel like my diet has only consisted of pasta // enchiladas // tacos // burritos // meatloaf and mash // oatmeal // bagels with cream cheese tomatoes and capers and frozen yogurt. Seriously, Kyle is trying to get me to eat vegetables and salads and it just isn't happening.

The best chips in the world!  And yes, I have had people ship them here.

Lastly, we finally find out what we are having in two weeks!  I am so excited and to be honest I would be happy with a boy or a girl.  Of course a little mini me would be awesome, but so would a little boy who would be the best little man in the world.

I was going to share a few "blooper" pics from our announcement shoot but I really just love this one photo so much.  I knew I wanted to do something different than the typical announcement and wanted to get our dogs involved since they're such a big part of the family.  We laughed so hard at Maggie trying to stay and not jump in after the duck all while Cody was bored and just wanted to roll around.  This shot is just so typical us.

~Mrs. G

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Fine Art Of Doing Nothing.

I am getting really good at this whole relaxing and don't overdo it stuff.  Like right now. Right now I'm sitting on my deck in the cutest little beach house watching the waves crash below me.  Kyle and I came to Tofino this holiday weekend, which is on Vancouver Island in BC. Our weekend has consisted of surfing (well Kyle has been), chilling on the beach, getting massages in our room and eating at some of the best places in town! The fire is going and Kyle is cooking his famous Picchi Pacchiu sauce (well, famous to me anyway).  Life is good. Oh did I mention no dogs...yep they're at home with the pet sitter. Thanks Jana!!

We needed this little getaway.  The past three months have been a whirlwind of emotions and I just have to say that I am one lucky lady to have the Husband that I do.  He has made nearly every meal for us, cleaned, done all the shopping and taken care of our dogs when all I felt like doing was sleeping. Because really that's all I have been doing is sleeping.  I got pretty lucky as I bypassed the whole morning sickness thing, but I sure as hell didn't bypass the crazies.

Some days I am great, others I have had three modes: I can tolerate you, I want to rip your head off, or I cry - at everything.  Kyle has been able to navigate so elegantly around all three of these and let me tell you he deserves a medal!

So far I hate: steamed vegetables, fish (unless it's fish and chips, then I LOVE fish), avocados, anything raw which is why cooking most meals is out, steak, chicken is sometimes out, some egg dishes and anything curry.  These were all things that I loved.

I love all carbs and sweets.  Remember that Whole30 thing I did?  That is so far out the window it's ridiculous.  My hope is that I get some of my healthy eating habits back in this second trimester. Thank God for yogurt and fruit, because I love that. Most food really just grossed me out. I also have a little bump already.  It could be fat from all the ice cream and pasta, but I had a pretty flat stomach back in June, especially after I did that Whole30.  People say I am having a boy since I popped out so soon, others say it's because I am short and there's really no place to go but out.  All I know is that I can't button my jeans.

Speaking of having a boy, we  won't find out the gender for a few weeks yet.  There's a law here in Canada that prevents the Dr's from telling you until you are 20 weeks...and ONE day.  I considered for about 1/2 a day not finding out at all, when I asked Kyle he laughed.  We have awesome names for a boy and a girl so we're prepared!  Very few people know what names we would go with, I just don't see the reason to announce it to the world quite yet. We could change our mind once we meet our little peanut. Plus people can't talk sh*t about a name or be opinionated once it's attached to a cute little babe.

All in all, aside from the emotions and now the onset of headaches I feel great.  I have a ton of books that were given to me in the past, but I really only read three:  a pregnancy week by week one, The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy and Belly Laughs.  I tend to stay away from What To Expect only because I feel it's filled with a bunch of technical stuff that can scare you. I more or less just skim through most of these anyways.

Anyhow, I am working on a couple of other posts that hopefully will go up this week or next week.  I'm a little all over the place and jumping around so just stick with me.  I totally forgot to link to "Your Pins Are Hurting My Eyes - Part Two" so please go check that out and get all caught up!

Here are a few shots of our weekend so far...I'm going to soak in the tub and do more of this relaxing thing...
Waking up to this view does not get old.

Or ending the day with this sunset.

Tofino Public Market: Relaxing includes shopping and eating for me. 

Getting a shot of Kyle getting the shot.

My love...the most patient man in the world.

My view.

~Mrs. G

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby G - We're Ready For You.

To say we are excited and thrilled is a huge understatement.  My husband is the most AMAZING person on this planet, I'm so lucky to get to share this experience with him.  He is going to be the best dad in the whole world. He cannot wait to teach our little one to surf, snowboard and golf (someone really wants a boy!) Although I am pretty good at at least two of those things so we all know girls can do ANYTHING boys can do...sometimes even better.

By now you probably seen this announcement on FB or  IG, I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and support, well-wishes and congrats from everyone! It's time to make it blog official and let you all know there are going to be some changes to my little blog.

I hope you'll stick around because I'm going to document this whole pregnancy this thing.  Before, during and after! I've got lots to say and I am sure hilarity will ensue knowing this household.

And getting this shot?  My next post that I am working on is sharing with you the blooper pics!  I laughed so hard looking through all of pictures with these two "trying" to corporate. 

Feeling lucky, blessed, excited and thankful...

~Mrs. G

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Your Pins Are Hurting My Eyes: Part Two.

Pinterest, how I love to find inspiring pins from others.  How I love to upload pins of my own and have them inspire others.  And how I love it when I come across pins that are ridiculous.

You can see all of the awesome shit I pin here.

And now, without further ado is part two of: Your Pins Are Hurting My Eyes. 
This is ALWAYS a bad idea.  Although, I  have to admit that long, long ago when my girlfriends and I went to Vegas quite frequently we did this on one of our trips. Anyway, thank god we were on the "I Love You Man" shit because it was actually pretty hilarious and we still laugh about it to this day.  I'll always remember that I was told that I am bossy and need to be more patient when teaching people how to snowboard.  

I hate everything about this: the fonts, spacing and that comma.  Plus If I called Kyle "darling" he would most certainly laugh at me and tell me to make them myself.

So I want to hate this and I laughed when I found it, but it's sorta growing on me.  I re-pinned to my "Fall into Winter" board just to gauge reactions. I am half-kidding.

Nope.  Not even for a second.  I'd also like to take a wildddddd guess as to where this guy is from...

I am looking at getting another tattoo and I can tell you with 100% certainly it will not be this.  I do have to say that the face is pretty good though. 

The trifecta of bad: bare legs with Uggs, Sparkly Uggs, Uggs.

There are some REALLY BAD maternity photos out there.  This is one of them. I can't stop thinking that the dirt is hair. This is on my do-not-do list for my maternity shoot. And yes, of course I am having one.  I had not one, but two engagement photo shoots. Kyle dreads every moment of these things...

love this, Especially the earings, who'da thought just put a beautiful frame around it.. and magnets under the make-up. I will be doing this.
This is too much organization, even for me.  Plus your makeup is not a refrigerator magnet. And let's showcase some better makeup.

Makeup clear organizer. See what you have. Great for over counter, on vanity, or under sink.
Good makeup organization.  Plus I actually use all these brands so I like this version way better.

Upcycling at it's worse.

Wait, no this is upcycling at it's worse.  I can't think of a more comfortable place to sit than a hard ass bath tub with a face staring at me.

Lastly, you need to head over to Bored Panda because they have THE BEST Pinterest fails of all time. Seriously, go here and laugh your ass off.  I've had my fair share of Pinterest fails, like this three-layer birthday cake I tried to make for Kyle:

My version.  The front looked just about 10% better than this.

Pinterest cake-it's so pretty isn't it?

~Mrs. G