Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014

So I'm making an inspiration board - it's filled with my hopes and dreams for 2014! It's fun cutting out images and words of inspiration from magazines.  Although mine is starting to look like a little girl made it or someone who is sending a very visual ransom note the size of a poster board to someone. Either way, it's filled with all sorts of things that I am not going to share because they are personal to me and I am pretty sure you don't care to see it anyways.  But what I will share with you are all the things I don't plan on changing in 2014:

1. Being on time: I have struggled with this my whole life. I thought I was getting better, but then I  realized that people were just giving me false start times so I wouldn't be late.

2. Switching to Stevia: My acupuncturist really wants me to remove sugar from my diet.  I tried, I really gave it a shot - and failed.  Also, you saw what happened to Lydia on Breaking Bad didn't you?  Enough said.  Pass me the sugar.

3. Becoming more decisive: When it comes to work, I am decisive as all hell. But in life, I cannot make a  decision to save my damn life.  I will contemplate anything from which bottle of wine to buy to which scarf to wear with what color jeans and then try on six different pairs of boots only to think, "Holy shit, maybe I should wear booties?" and start the whole process all over again. Sometimes I have to laugh at how ridiculous I am and then I remember that old saying that laughter is the best medicine so obviously I'm doing something right.

4. Becoming a morning person: This is a very serious one for me.  Growing up my mom was afraid to knock on the door to wake me for school, later in life my step-mom (RIP to the amazing Candice) would simply drop off coffee at my door, knock and then keep on going. Things haven't changed much, Kyle keeps his distance until I have had my morning coffee or mimosa.

5. Becoming a runner: Every year I say that I am going to run a marathon.  I have two cousins that are serious marathoners and all around bad asses.  I really want to be like them one day.  I want to run the Disney Princess whateverathon and then the alien whateveritscalledathon that you run at night because it's too freaking hot in Las Vegas. I want to earn medals and post shots on Instagram of my new running shoes and running times oh and me crossing over the finish line with my hands raised over my head being so proud but dead-tired with no toenails but who cares I just ran 26 miles in like 2 hours. (Note to self: I may still want to run a marathon so this may be taken off the list.  I see that people wear tutus at the Tinker Bell marathon and that has my name written all over it).
Here's my cousin not being a lazy ass and running in just a few of the TWENTY marathons she ran in 2013.  Extra points  for running with her Husband and my Aunt, extra bonus points for getting a picture with Minnie Mouse and scoring a blue box from a Tiffany's marathon. She also has two kids, so really I have no excuse to try at least one.
This is my other bad-ass cousin, I am pretty sure she ate that fire for breakfast while she was at it.  Also, no big deal that she's a scientist, a mother of two and gets up every morning and does cross-fit. for. fun. 

7. Cutting out alcohol (completely): NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. I AM ALSO 1/2 IRISH.  In all fairness, I do plan on cutting back, but that's only because I live in Vancouver and it's so freaking expensive here.

So here's to inspiration boards, resolutions that you keep and not being hard on yourself for the ones you don't.  And for those that give no fucks about any of this, well I support the shit out of that too:

In the words of Howard Stern quoting Ringo Star, "Peace and Love, Peace and Love".

~Mrs. G

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  1. Hahaha this is great. I still remember that morning in Tofino when we got up before you guys had your coffee.... *runs away*


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