Friday, February 7, 2014

The Gaulin Life - One Year Later

It was about one year ago when we crossed over the border and started our adventure here in Vancouver. I've said it plenty of times that we have met some great people and have been to some pretty amazing places here in BC.  It truly is a beautiful place, rain and all. You find out how strong your relationship is with someone when you pick up and leave your family and friends behind to start a whole new life.  You also find out how strong your relationship is with your family and friends that you left behind. This year my dad gave us all a pretty big scare when the Dr's found a tumor that went from his esophagus to his stomach.  "Igor" as my dad named him turned out to be benign and he was successfully removed after two months of intense trips to the Dr's and countless phone calls and text messages keeping me in the loop.  My Grandfather passed away earlier this month. He was very sick and very old and I am only comforted by knowing that he was now with my Grandma. My mom, aunt, brother and cousin took such great care of him, he was surrounded by so much love when he passed. It's hard being so far away during times like these. Having a family that is solid and friends that are your rock is so important. But having a patient, loving Husband with a really good sense of humor is the ticket.  This adventure has tested us and helped us grow stronger than ever.  I want to thank our amazing and supportive friends and family who have been by our side while we've been over the border. And a special thank you to my amazing Husband, I love you!

~Mrs. G

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