Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bacon Rents Houses

I like to think that I was a Realtor in a past life.  Truth be told it's a profession I always thought about getting into and kick around the idea of getting my licence.

Kyle and I are showing our house that we have lived in for our landlord since we will be moving into our new place on the East Side next month.

Me: I am going to make bacon this morning before people start showing up.

Kyle: I like bacon.

Me: Well, it's not really for you.  I mean, we're going to eat it but I want the house to smell like bacon because bacon rents houses.

Kyle: You know you sound crazy right?

Later that morning, just before our first appointment, it dawned on my that you know what else rents houses? Freshly made chocolate chip cookies.

Kyle: What are you doing now?

Me: Umm, making cookies.

Kyle: For people to eat? You're going to serve cookies?

Me: Nooooo, but I want the house to smell like cookies and I want people to see the cookies displayed on our kitchen table (next to the flowers I bought).

Kyle: (rolls eyes)  You know this is a nice house-in Kits, right?  This place will rent itself.

And he may or may not have been right, but that didn't stop me from lighting candles all over the house, getting the fireplace going and getting all of the lighting right.  It's raining (big surprise) so I wanted the house to be as cozy as possible.

When the first couple arrived, I walked them through the house, talked up everything and answered all of their questions.  Then it happened - right in front of Kyle.  The woman asked me if I was a Realtor and commented on how she loved the what??? That's right, the cookies, flowers and candles. No mention of the bacon, maybe she was a vegetarian?

That couple left and called our landlord to fill out an application!  Now, I am not saying my staging worked and it didn't work on everyone who came to see the place, but I am saying that having a bacon/cookie/vanilla smelling house doesn't hurt.

~Mrs. G

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