Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Holy Shit, My Husband Rules.

I have always known how talented my husband is.

When Microsoft recruited him to come work at their studio, Black Tusk here in Vancouver, I had never been so proud. He had worked his ass off for so long and deserved the recognition he was getting.

Last weekend I was a beaming wife and I just wanted to share this little story with all of you.

We went to our local brunch spot, Chewies and as we sat at the bar, Kyle noticed a guy he knew walking towards him.  He mentioned to me that he was the actor he had told me about and had worked with.  I turned to see this very handsome man walking our way.  I'm pretty sure every girl in the restaurant noticed knew who he was as well.

I turned and said to him that he should say hi, so I of course could say hi and be introduced.  But Kyle being as modest as he is, felt that he wouldn't remember him as they had only worked together for a short while and he meets tons of people all the time. Just as he said that, Adrian (we're on a first name basis now) walked up to my husband with a greeting that you give to someone you have known for years, not just a short while.

He told Kyle what a great time he had on set, how much he loved the project and the people he was working with. They talked for a bit as I just sat there with a grin from ear to ear.  It was great listening to these two talk about something they were both passionate about.

His new role as Cinematic's Director was a big career move for him and seeing him talk to someone who clearly respected him and was happy with the work he did was a very proud moment for me.

Moving to a new country isn't easy. But it's experiences like last weekend's that make it all worth while.

I'm a lucky lady...

~Mrs. G

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