Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Your Pins Are Hurting My Eyes: Part Two.

Pinterest, how I love to find inspiring pins from others.  How I love to upload pins of my own and have them inspire others.  And how I love it when I come across pins that are ridiculous.

You can see all of the awesome shit I pin here.

And now, without further ado is part two of: Your Pins Are Hurting My Eyes. 
This is ALWAYS a bad idea.  Although, I  have to admit that long, long ago when my girlfriends and I went to Vegas quite frequently we did this on one of our trips. Anyway, thank god we were on the "I Love You Man" shit because it was actually pretty hilarious and we still laugh about it to this day.  I'll always remember that I was told that I am bossy and need to be more patient when teaching people how to snowboard.  

I hate everything about this: the fonts, spacing and that comma.  Plus If I called Kyle "darling" he would most certainly laugh at me and tell me to make them myself.

So I want to hate this and I laughed when I found it, but it's sorta growing on me.  I re-pinned to my "Fall into Winter" board just to gauge reactions. I am half-kidding.

Nope.  Not even for a second.  I'd also like to take a wildddddd guess as to where this guy is from...

I am looking at getting another tattoo and I can tell you with 100% certainly it will not be this.  I do have to say that the face is pretty good though. 

The trifecta of bad: bare legs with Uggs, Sparkly Uggs, Uggs.

There are some REALLY BAD maternity photos out there.  This is one of them. I can't stop thinking that the dirt is hair. This is on my do-not-do list for my maternity shoot. And yes, of course I am having one.  I had not one, but two engagement photo shoots. Kyle dreads every moment of these things...

love this, Especially the earings, who'da thought just put a beautiful frame around it.. and magnets under the make-up. I will be doing this.
This is too much organization, even for me.  Plus your makeup is not a refrigerator magnet. And let's showcase some better makeup.

Makeup clear organizer. See what you have. Great for over counter, on vanity, or under sink.
Good makeup organization.  Plus I actually use all these brands so I like this version way better.

Upcycling at it's worse.

Wait, no this is upcycling at it's worse.  I can't think of a more comfortable place to sit than a hard ass bath tub with a face staring at me.

Lastly, you need to head over to Bored Panda because they have THE BEST Pinterest fails of all time. Seriously, go here and laugh your ass off.  I've had my fair share of Pinterest fails, like this three-layer birthday cake I tried to make for Kyle:

My version.  The front looked just about 10% better than this.

Pinterest cake-it's so pretty isn't it?

~Mrs. G