Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boozy Brunches For All Things Baby.

Bump Watch 2014 in full effect.

These days are filled with endless questions to all of my mommy friends on what their must-haves have been during their most recent pregnancies. What do they love as far as strollers // car seats // cribs // bassinets go?

A couple of my friends just had their second babies and it's a baby boom out there with friends expecting their firsts in Dec/Jan/Feb!  I am loving being surrounded by so many preggo mamas - all the help and support we are all giving each other is amazing.

I have become a research fend and have done so much reading //comparing // fact-checking // pricing that I feel I can open up my own baby store at this point.  There is still so much to sort out and learn, but I am starting to figure shit out as I go along and things aren't so foreign to me anymore. And Pinterest, let's not even get started on the baby boards I have created.  Feel free to check them out here.

What I wasn't prepared for was how involved and opinionated Kyle was going to be. The first day of stroller and car-seat shopping left me in a complete overwhelmed fog.  But by the end of day two we knew what what wanted and what we didn't want.  And Kyle made the call. Funny thing is, most of my friends also said their Husbands took over when it came to the strollers.

Our conversations pretty much went like this:
Me: They Stokke is one of the best strollers out there.
Kyle: It looks like a golf bag carrier and there's no way I am pushing that thing around.
Me: I also hear great things about the Uppababy and the Bugaboo.
Kyle: Is that them? (test drives) I don't like four-wheels and it doesn't feel sturdy.
Me: The BOB, most of my friends all use the BOB stroller?
Kyle: It looks like camping gear on wheels.

Well, I can tell you that we picked one and we both absolutely love it!  And I agree three wheels are way better than four (for us anyway). We are making our way through the stores and having a blast doing it.  I love that Kyle looks forward to shopping and registering for our little peanut and asks if this weekend is "crib weekend". Dear lord help me because I am loving this crib from Oeuff and naturally this one from Kalon Studios. I know that last one is stupid expensive- it's more of my dream crib, but as Kyle says, if it lasts for up to four years, it makes sense.  Oh, do I love him :) P.S. This is our first so going overboard is totally justifiable right? I should add that I am scouring Craigslist for dressers because I want something unique so it's not like I am trying to go all Beyonce with the nursery.

Other baby products I have fallen in love with is anything Aden + Anais.  My friend's turned me onto this company and for good reason, they make great stuff.

In other pregnancy news, I am feeling pretty good aside from a few massive headaches. I feel like my diet has only consisted of pasta // enchiladas // tacos // burritos // meatloaf and mash // oatmeal // bagels with cream cheese tomatoes and capers and frozen yogurt. Seriously, Kyle is trying to get me to eat vegetables and salads and it just isn't happening.

The best chips in the world!  And yes, I have had people ship them here.

Lastly, we finally find out what we are having in two weeks!  I am so excited and to be honest I would be happy with a boy or a girl.  Of course a little mini me would be awesome, but so would a little boy who would be the best little man in the world.

I was going to share a few "blooper" pics from our announcement shoot but I really just love this one photo so much.  I knew I wanted to do something different than the typical announcement and wanted to get our dogs involved since they're such a big part of the family.  We laughed so hard at Maggie trying to stay and not jump in after the duck all while Cody was bored and just wanted to roll around.  This shot is just so typical us.

~Mrs. G