Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Appreciating The Little Moments

I'm learning to appreciate the quiet moments that I have left.  Sleeping in, taking long showers and soaking in the bath while listening to music is at the top of my favorite things to do.

I've washed and organized all of Baby G's clothes, swaddles, hats, blankets, burb cloths etc.  Her closet is broken down into months and her drawers are organized accordingly too.

All of the nursery furniture is built and Kyle is working on the swing, bouncer, installing the car seat, painting the nursery, hanging art work and anything else that is on his list to get done by next month. Yes, I'm a total planner. And yes, many, many people told me I need to let go of that.

The biggest advise I have gotten for these last few months is to take time for myself and enjoy time with Kyle, just being us.

Speaking of Kyle, he is the sh*t.  No really he is.  I've been dealing with out of control emotions, been really homesick and a stress case making sure we have everything ready.  I walk around the house and see Kyle staring at me, smiling.  I always think he is laughing at the waddle I have developed. He said to me this morning, "You ask while I am smiling at you, it's because you look so beautiful.  You're carrying our child".  It's these moments that stop me in my tracks. (And remind me to try and be less cranky when he goes for beers with the guys!)

When I look over and see him reading baby books he downloaded on his own, picking out outfits when we shop and coming to nearly every Dr. appointment I can't help but well up with tears and be thankful for him every day. And appreciate these moments.

We are less than 8 weeks away and I look forward to our last few weeks of just us, coming and going as we please, staying up late-sleeping in late and going to the nicest restaurants in town.  But not nearly as much as I look forward to the new moments coming our way with our little girl.

Enjoying the Holidays. I made it out 'till 10:00pm!

Our little protectors and The Bump.

Daddy and The Bump.

~Mrs. G

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