Thursday, January 22, 2015

The FOMO Diaries

People ask me what I miss most, you know things I've had to stop doing since becoming pregnant. I feel bad saying I "miss" things because truth be told, we have wanted this pregnancy for so long that I have happily given up things I am supposedly "missing out on."

But OK let's be honest, I do secretly miss a few things:

Champagne and those champagne brunches.
I actually already missed these when I moved to Vancouver because where you can still go to brunch and order champagne, they don't have places where you have refills all the live long day.  My friend's and I know how to rock a champagne brunch.
Favorite bubbly:
Baller status: Perrier-Jouet Rose.
It's a special occasion: Perrier-Jouet Belle.
My go-to's: Veuve Clicquote & Moet Chandon.
Easy like Sunday morning's: aka your everyday sparkling and what you mix
with that OJ: Domain Chandon.
The girls in Napa-enjoying our bubbles.

Sushi: oh. dear. lord do I miss sushi.  Especially albacore!
Favorite restaurant of all-time:
NOBU!  All day, everyday.  I still remember my dad taking me to Nobu's first restaurant, Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills over 15 years ago.  When ever my best friend Shawna and I would go to NY many years ago we made a point to make reservations at Nobu in Tribeca. We would also go to Scores, but that was a whole other story.  When the Malibu location opened, I was front and center - same with the San Diego location.  One year for Kyle's birthday I surprised him with a trip to Vegas to see Social Distortion. I took him to Nobu for dinner, I had to have him experience what I had been going on and on about and he 100% agreed that it was the best sushi he had ever had.
Must order: Nobu's New Style Sashimi!
Sugarfish in Marina Del Ray: OMG the sushi melts in your mouth.  Also don't even think of asking for soy sauce, I'm not even sure they have it?
Kishimoto (no website available): this is our local spot that we walk to and it does not disappoint. You will wait for EVER to get in, but we got wise to that game and started ordering it to-go. The Tuna Oshisuhi is my absolute favorite.
Snowboarding: yeah, this is killing me. I think I have been riding every year for more than...well a lot of years! I moved to Mammoth and Tahoe in my 20's because I loved resort towns and riding so much. Kyle and I have gone so many times together I can't even count. Mammoth will always be our home base, but Whistler is pretty freaking amazing.
My 1st trip-18 years old.  Gotta love that Papas and Beer sticker.

21 and living in Mammoth, learning my first trick.
2007: Quiksilver's heliboarding trip to Tyax, Canada:
I was beyond honored and stoked to ride with an awesome crew of people that included Raimana-Van-Bastolear, Todd Richards (not the hockey player), and Tony Hawk. And let's not even get started on the girls that have become my best friends to this day, to ride with other girls at this level was amazing. I learned so much. This was a trip of a lifetime and yes I will brag about it  for many years to come.
I promised myself two things after this trip:  I will never take a chairlift again and I will always fly in private planes and helicopters when snowboarding.  Reality is a bitch.
Me and my love.  Getting freshies in Canada.
Burning Man:  I took a break for a few years after going back to back for many, many years and was more than ready to get back this year. This was the year my family finally wore Kyle down and got him excited about going.  We said the only thing that will stop us is if I am pregnant and well, it was the BEST reason for missing it this year. My nephew went for his first time this year, I think I was mostly sad about not being there with him for his first time!  He'll be an old pro by time we take our little one!  
You can't find art like this at Disneyland folks...
My 4 year old nephew, Luke.Owning the Playa.
My family started a new camp: Cirque De Formage (yes intentionally spelled that way).  This is my big brother, Scott and Tami: aka the people who created my perfect nephew.
This photo is so cute.  Her parents built her a little nail salon.
This little nugget with her parents. Love.

So I have to say that is really all I missed this year.  But what I am gaining from "missing" these things is SO MUCH GREATER.  Even if, in this last trimester my smooth sailing of a pregnancy hit a few bumps (baby is fine, me on the other hand took a beating).  I wouldn't trade any of it for our little peanut coming next month...or March if she wants to be fashionably late.

~Mrs. G

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  1. You look like you're 20 something in that last photo. So beautiful momma!


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